Cohort 8 Starts Monday, May 6

One of our core practices at Foster is our Cohorts. This simple but powerful month-long communal practice helps us deepen into our writing and produce a piece of work that stretches us both as writers and as humans.

In Cohorts, participants explore a question, complexity, or muse that’s alive for them, write from that place, and express something meaningful. As part of the Cohort, they also have access to peer support, Office Hours with professional coaches, and professional editing via the Foster Chrome extension that they can access according to their capacity and desire.

Each Cohort is four weeks long and begins on the first Monday of the month. Cohorts can be engaged at various participation levels with low, mid, or high capacity. The minimum requirement is to join the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which are each 90 minutes long.

An Ecology of Practices

Throughout the four weeks, writers participate in workshops that encompass mindfulness and somatic experiencing techniques to access our deepest truths as well as instruction in the craft of writing and revision to help us refine our written expression.

  1. Week 1: Be with our deepest questions, complexities and muses. Write about the emotions, thoughts, and ideas we notice arising.
  2. Week 2: Feel into what’s emerging in our body-minds as we ponder our topic. Write about how we feel about what’s arising.
  3. Week 3: Reflect on what we’ve written so far. Share with our peers and editors in Foster and revise as necessary.
  4. Week 4: Attract the resonant others. Express what we’ve written and share it with kindred spirits both inside of the Cohort.

Support Systems in Cohorts

There are four forms of support we offer during the Cohort that are optional for writers who'd like to go deeper into practice.

Writing Circles: These 90 minute containers are our foundational practice at Foster, and each one is an opportunity to share what you’re experiencing in your writing and receive support from peers.

Peer Coaching: You’ll be matched with a partner and led through a powerful peer coaching framework that you can use for breaking through barriers.

Office Hours: Our team of experienced writing coaches will hang out each week in dedicated office hours, available to dive deep into whatever is preventing you from your fullest expression.

Editorial Support: Using the Foster Chrome extension, our collective has over 50+ professional editors waiting to help you on your draft as it evolves. This could be as simple as breaking through the difficulty you’re having tying your piece together, or as open-ended as generating ideas with the help of our collective as your thought partner.

Facilitators for Cohort 8

Nat Couropmitree
Nat Couropmitree is a coach who works with clients to discover their own balance and what really matters to them.
Natalie Toren
Natalie Toren is a versatile writer and the showrunner at Turpentine, a new podcast network at the bleeding edge of tech.
Jonny Miller
Jonny Miller is the host of the Curious Humans podcast and founder of the Nervous System Mastery bootcamp.
Elle Griffin
Elle Griffin writes the newsletter The Elysian, which goes out to 13K+ subscribers and has been featured in BBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Publisher’s Weekly, Means of Creation, and Morning Brew.
Dan Hunt
Dan Hunt, Foster's founder and former head editor of an activist publication with 700K readers, writes Storyless and advises top startups on narrative design and development.
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell is the mind behind Tiny Revolutions, a newsletter about becoming who you are, and The Fire Inside, a group coaching program for women who want to become the fiercest, truest versions of themselves.
Minnow Park
Minnow Park writes Like the Fish, a photoblog that journals lessons he’s learning as a coach and photographer.
Steph Soussloff
Steph Soussloff is an org designer, facilitator, and somatic coach with a track record in cultivating wise & enlivening ecosystems that expand what’s possible in the ways we organize, relate, create, lead, & live.
Lyle McKeany
Lyle McKeany is a writer and creative coach who writes Just Enough to Get Me in Trouble, a newsletter about the pains and joys of fatherhood and life.

Membership Details

  • A full schedule of Writing Circles throughout the week.
  • Unlimited access to monthly Cohorts, which include workshops with industry-leading instructors and facilitators, peer support, office hours with professional coaches, and more.
  • Professional editing via the Foster Chrome Extension up to 10,000 words/year.
  • Access to a dedicated WhatsApp community.

$1,111 for the year

or $111 monthly installments over 12 months
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