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Dylan Redekop

Here's a writing tip: Get others' feedback on your writing. With @0xFoster's free Chrome extension, you can get feedback on your writing in a day or two. I tried it for the first time and 🤯 I couldn't believe the amount of feedback and support I got. 10/10

Yihui is writing

oof editing my q1 review now, and it really *is* going to be the most personal writing I'll publish to date. thankful to the @0xFoster community for pushing me to be even more vulnerable :') excited to share tomorrow.

Chris Liu

What's your writer's block? To me it's the fear that nobody cares about what I write. It's discouraging when there are no claps or likes, let alone comments. And I fell in love with @0xFoster. It guarantees caring readers and thoughtful comments on all my writings. #Tweet100

Bennett Green

Wisdom Nugget Number 3 -- Having an editor is a superpower I joined @0xFoster last year and recently tried to get back into it. Having a community of people that can read drafts and share their feedback is solid gold.

Rika Goldberg

In the spirit of writing what I want to read more of, I wrote a piece of flash fiction. Thank you @0xFoster for Season 1, encouraging the community, and creating a safe container to explore our untold truths.

Jason Shen

It's live! As part @0xFoster's 1st Season of writing, I'm sharing my nearly decade-long journey of struggle and resilience from my first failed startup through till today.

Charlene Wang

3 months ago, @0xFoster brought together a group of thoughtful and kind people to explore our truths. Here's mine: Draft more, publish less. Drafts get me to play, edit, and erase. Drafts invite feedback and break through BS. Drafts free up space for more truths in life.

Charlot Crowther

I'm excited to join @0xFoster today! Thank you @0xCaryn and @confuciusme for encouraging me. Thank you @stewfortier @dan2hunt for creating a warm, open and generous community of writers. Hello @katerinabohlec! Who else do I know in the community?


Every morning I wake up and look forward to spending 60 mins editing other people's drafts - kudos to @0xFoster

Sterling Schuyler

Reading feedback on my crypto+NFT newsletter from noobs and skeptics (as I requested) in the @0xFoster is 💋👌🏼 This is exactly what I need to take my writing to the next level

Ben Putano

Writers today don't get enough honest feedback. Most people on Twitter are too nice to give helpful critiques. Find a safe place to get real feedback. ▪️Ask a friend ▪️Hire a writing coach ▪️Join @FosterCoWriting ▪️Create a newsletter of beta readers.

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