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Hi, we’re Foster. We’ve cultivated a way of writing together that leads to truer expressions of creativity and self. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it makes writing easier, less lonely, and more fulfilling. Curious? Come try our signature Writing Circle and see what we’re all about.

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The Foster Way

Foster combines community, consistency, and self-inquiry to help writers get into flow and unlock our truest, most authentic expression. Here’s how we do it.

  1. Be present with the questions, complexities, and muses we’re currently experiencing.
  2. Sense into our emotions and intuitions and write from a fully felt and embodied state.
  3. With the help of our peers, reflect on what we’ve written and make changes as necessary.
  4. Express ourselves, speaking creative new possibilities into existence, and attracting aligned others into our orbit.

How We Practice Together

Weekly Writing Circles

Coming together on Zoom to write each week is our foundational practice. Writing Circles are artfully-crafted, 90-minute containers for writers to drop into what feels most alive and write from that place.

Our facilitators play with meditation, somatic experiencing, breathwork, and other modalities to help writers drop into embodied states of flow and unfettered expression.

After a dedicated period of focused writing, we circle back and share our experience, perhaps even reading something we’ve written.

Monthly Cohorts

Cohorts are recurring month-long initiations into the magic of writing that are somewhere between a course, bootcamp, accelerator, and Hogwarts, and yet not quite any of these things.

This simple but high impact communal practice helps writers develop and publish their truest, most courageous work, and reliably result in breakthroughs in writers’ personal and professional lives, too.

In each Cohort, participants inhabit a deeply important question, complexity, or muse, and pull on that thread to see what unfolds. They also have access to peer support, Office Hours with professional coaches, and professional editing throughout the Cohort.

Next cohort starts Monday, May 6 — Learn more

Bi-annual Retreats

Twice a year we get together in person for a few days to go deeper into our writing practice, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationships with each other. In the summer we convene in upstate New York, but in the winter we like to visit warmer locales (Mexico and Costa Rica, so far).

We also make sure to have a little fun, going on excursions specific to the area we’re visiting. We mix it up with a little bit of practice and a little bit of adventure – some of our favorite activities have included yoga, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, aquahara, hiking to waterfalls, surfing, and more.

Community Support


We love to trade links and discuss all the things worth discussing, and we do that in dedicated WhatsApp channels.

Professional Editing

Our proprietary Chrome extension allows you to share your work instantly with the writers and professional editors in the Foster collective for thoughtful feedback and edits.

A Co-Operated Collective

We are a collective of writers, editors, coaches, technologists, metamodern magicians and more who are united by our belief in the transformative, life-affirming power of the written word. You’ll find writers of all skill levels in Foster. From published authors to newsletter writers to people who just started writing, our collective contains multitudes. The core team here currently consists of the five Stewards below.

Dan Hunt
Dan Hunt, Foster's founder and former head editor of an activist publication with 700K readers, writes Storyless and advises top startups on narrative design and development
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell is the mind behind Tiny Revolutions, a newsletter about becoming who you are, and The Fire Inside, a group coaching program for women who want to become the fiercest, truest versions of themselves.
Minnow Park
Minnow Park writes Like the Fish, a photoblog that journals lessons he’s learning as a coach and photographer.
Steph Soussloff
Steph Soussloff is an org designer, facilitator, and somatic coach with a track record in cultivating wise & enlivening ecosystems that expand what’s possible in the ways we organize, relate, create, lead, & live.
Lyle McKeany
Lyle McKeany is a writer and creative coach who writes Just Enough to Get Me in Trouble, a newsletter about the pains and joys of fatherhood and life.

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