The Art of Modern Writing

In this five week journey, we combine ancient wisdom with modern technology to supercharge your writing practice.

The Art of Modern Writing begins on January 9th, 2023 and costs $750


Professional Editors

Foster’s collective of 100+ authors, editors, and experts will be with you every step of the way throughout the 5 weeks. During this time each draft you post into Foster will receive professional editing


1:1 Coaching

You’ll be personally matched with a coach to guide you through the five week experience, and take you through a 90 min deep-dive call to get to the heart of your writing practice and uncover opportunities for personal and professional growth


Expert-Led Workshops

Our team of dozens of the internet's top writers will participate in The Art of Modern Writing alongside you, and lead workshops ranging from “Cultivating Courage” to “Leveraging AI Tools for Human Expression” (See facilitators below)

Thank you to Foster for Season 1, for encouraging the community and creating a safe container to explore our untold truths.

Rika Goldberg

I wouldn't be the writer I am today if it wasn't for Foster.

Jason Vu Nguyen

I cannot say enough good things about Foster. Foster has been a great help in helping me become a better writer and I recommend it to anyone who wants to do the same. Excited to participate in season 2 and write my best essay to date

Alexander Hugh Sam

The Modules

Week 1 & 2

Cultivating courage and authenticity online

The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.
— Steven Pressfield

Our journey begins with a guided deep dive into our own truths, facilitated by notable authors and journalists. We’ll uncover, recognize, and surface the stories that burn inside us and beg to be expressed. As we home in on a personal brand and voice that feels honest, authentic, and deep, we’ll be supported by 1:1 coaching sessions and small group circles.

By the end of week two every participant will have a first draft of a story they’d like to tell.

Week 3

Co-writing and Creative Collaboration

Writing doesn’t have to be lonely. During the third week of the Foster Season 2 we’ll lean on each other for support, co-creativity and collaboration.

We’ll help bring our stories more fully to life and in alignment with our personal brand and collective truths. We’ll share our work with Foster and collaborate with professional editors and fellow community members alike to help shape our rough ideas and narratives into polished pieces of publishable prose.

Week 4

AI for deeper human expression

Powerful new AI tools will change the writing landscape forever. In our fourth week of the Foster Season 2 experience, we’ll take what we’ve written thus far and play with AI tools to evolve and deepen our most authentic human expressions.

We’ll explore cutting edge research methodologies, illustration creation, and other ways to breathe life into our work with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Week 5

Writing royalties, NFTs, and subscriptions

What it means to make money as a writer has changed just as dramatically as what it means to write.

In our final week before publishing, we’ll explore different ways of garnering financial support for our creative work, ranging from paid subscriptions on Substack, to Writing NFTs on Mirror, to joining a Media DAO, to self-publishing a book on Amazon.

The Art of Modern Writing is for...


Ambitious professionals who want to accelerate their career by diving head first into the world of online writing


Entrepreneurs who want to supercharge their business with authentic, high quality content


Writers who want to supercharge their existing writing practice with and hit that publish button more often

Nick deWilde

Foster has been an amazing resource and a critical part of my editing flow. Thanks for all the great work, guys.

Alexander Hugh Sam

I cannot say enough good things about Foster. Foster has been a great help in helping me become a better writer and I recommend it to anyone who wants to do the same. Excited to participate in season 2 and write my best essay to date :)

Ben Putano

Writers today don't get enough honest feedback. Most people on Twitter are too nice to give helpful critiques. Find a safe place to get real feedback. ▪️Ask a friend ▪️Hire a writing coach ▪️Join @0xFoster ▪️Create a newsletter of beta readers.

Chris Liu

What's your writer's block? To me it's the fear that nobody cares about what I write. It's discouraging when there are no claps or likes, let alone comments. And I fell in love with @0xFoster. It guarantees caring readers and thoughtful comments on all my writings.

Lyle McKeany

Foster is a collective of amazing writers, editors, and, more generally, human beings. If you're looking to explore the depths of what's possible with your own writing, I can't recommend Foster's Season 2 enough

Lisa Dawson

Foster is completely innovative and a blessing for anyone who writes (or needs to write better). I haven’t seen anything like this product in my writing career and I’ve completely embraced it. I love the community feel, the feedback, sound editing advice and the ease of use. This is really going to change writing for the better. Kudos to the Foster team!!

Charlene Wang

I love the Foster community. The edits are awesome, but the people are what makes a real difference. They make you believe in yourself (and craft!) as you procrastinate and have second thoughts. When you pull the trigger to publish something at midnight - hoping no one will see it - you may get an instant response that shakes you up and makes you remember why you are writing in the first place. That's the magic of Foster!


A year ago, I found @0xfoster and it changed my life. When I was signing up I did not realise I'd stumbled upon *the best* community on the internet. I have since become a core part the team and am so excited to announce that today we launch Season Two!


Take a look here at how @0xFoster is building a new space and new approach to writing, online.

Anthony Pica

I'm super excited for this! I've been in the Foster writing community for some time now, and it's been such a rewarding experience. My writing has improved on multiple levels.

Emilie Kormienko

The future of writing is collaborative and community-based. So so honored to be part of this amazing group of people working to make writing a social activity ✨

sarah wood

I love Foster!! I just intensively re-wrote it from an amazing round of Foster edits so looking for new eyes :)

Tom White

Foster is the companion that every writer never knew they needed. Once you try it, there’s no going back!

Rika Goldberg

In the spirit of writing what I want to read more of, I wrote a piece of flash fiction. Thank you @0xFoster for Season 1, encouraging the community, and creating a safe container to explore our untold truths.

Jason Vu Nguyen

Season 1 played a pivotal role in my life. I imagine Season 2 will be the same! If you write often, come join the best writing community on the internet right now & hone your craft. It doesn't get better than this! There's going to be some fantastic people writing alongside us.

Art Lapinsch

I can confidently say that I wouldn't be the writer that I am today without this amazing community. Yes, Foster is a workflow but more importantly it's a group of well-intentioned writers who help each other out. If you write online, join Foster and thank me later 🙌

Meet the Facilitators

Highly trained at storytelling sorcery, our collective of writers, editors, and experts are passionate about helping independent online writers. We’ve helped craft thousands of drafts, from vulnerable personal essays to short stories, viral Twitter threads, and more.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew is a somatic coach, startup founder, and keynote speaker who has facilitated dozens of workshops from working with writers at Foster, to ex-NAVY Seals, and beyond.

Bhaumik Patel

Bhaumik is a writer, educator, and community builder. He has led and designed dozens of courses ranging from software engineering & entrepreneurship to writing and UX design.

And many more:

Sari Azout

Joey DeBruin

Elisa Doucette

Amelie Lasker

Jake Schonberger

Caryn Tan

Sara Campbell

Bhaumik Patel

Roxine Kee

Chinyere Erondu

Dan Shipper

Alex Olshonsky

Jessica Goldberg

Paul Millerd

Diana Hawk

Andrew Thomas

Sasha Chapin


Dan Hunt

Jordan T. Jones

Steph Alinsug

Michael Ashcroft

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The Art of Modern Writing

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